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Bryan Wilcox was fortunate to grow up in a family that shared a unique passion for the craft of photography. His mother originally worked as a hand-colouring artist in a Montreal photo lab back in the 1940's. In the years that followed, his father perfected his photography skills in the family darkroom, developing black and white images for family and friends.

Since 1978, Bryan has been photographing custom and antique automobiles in black and white imagery, then painstakingly hand tinting his selected prints. His work has exhibited at Toronto's ‘One of a Kind Craft Show’, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibit, and the Los Angeles Photography Center. Wilcox has participated in numerous group shows across Canada and his work is represented in collections in the United States, France, Australia, Hong Kong and Canada.

Bryan currently uses a Nikon D3X to shoot street scenes and architectural images- but with a slight twist. His current style is modeled on the output of the Kodak Duaflex, a popular camera produced between 1947 and 1960. The Duaflex was an inexpensive fixed-focus medium format camera, distinguished by its susceptibility to dust and dirt. It was this very flaw that often showed up in the final image along with some other unique features distinctive to the Duaflex print - notably its blurry edges.

Contact: bwilcox@interlog.com